College in Prison is a Waste of Money 

                            New York State Paying Inmates to Stay Out of Prison   LOL 

                      Prison Commissioner Talks About Prison Love, Pixie Dust, Aliens  - Video

           New York State Corrections Insists There Have Been No Serious Assaults on Staff ?

                       $$$$   Highest Paid NYS Correction Employees 2013  - CHART  $$$$


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                                  NYS Parolee's Captured in Jamestown Raid  4.13.14

                                       Western New York Charity  Golf Tournament

                Prison Guard and inmate's Arrested in Meth Probe  4.13.14

                      inmate That Killed Correction Officer Could Get Retrial  4.13.14

                              State Police in Erie Looking for inmate Escapee 4.13.14

                 inmate Helps Orchestrate Kidnapping of Prosecutor's Father with Cellphone  4.13.14

                 NYS Sex Offender Parolee Arrested for Stalking 15 Year Old Girl  4.13.14

                      inmate Charged with Killing Correction Officer Makes Plea 3.13.14

Union Rallies for New and Safer Prison 

                                                       How to Ease Overcrowding  4.13.14

                                      Decades in "The Box" for Killing Correction Officer  4.13.14

                              Prison Guard "Murder for Hire"  Suspect Pleads Guilty 4.11.14

                                       Lockup Quotas for Private Prisons  4.11.14

                                           Parolee Charged with Murder  4.11.14

                            State Correction Officer Accused in Beating Incident   4.11.14

                           Man Convicted of Killing 4 Women is up for Parole 4.11.14

                                     13 Year Old Killer  is up for Parole in New York 4.11.14

                                      Prison Guard Arrested on Meth Charges  4.11.14

                                    inmates go on Rampage inside NYS Prisons  4.8.14

                  Several NYS Correction Officer's Assaulted During Crimewave   4,8,14

                            Remember Correction Donna Payant Killed   5/15/1981

                                  Correction Officer Suspected in Three More Rapes  4.8.14

                                 Killer on Parole Caught with Stolen Handgun   4.8.14

                                              Sing Sing university Propaganda  4.8.24

                    Correction Officer Caught Stealing Money From inmate  4.8.14

                                                 Prison's - The New Asylum's  4.8.14

                                           University of Sing Sing Documentary  4.8.14

                              Correction Officer's Busted for Smuggling Pot in Burrito  4.8.14

                                       Man Assaults Two Correction Officer's   4.8.14

                              Correction Officer Rapes inmate - Gets Probation?  4.8.14

                             inmate Serving Life - Kills Cellmate and Gets Double-Life   4.7.14

                                     Remote Control Stun Vests for Unruly inmates  4.7.14

                                                 Prison Still on Lockdown     4.7.14

                                 Female Correction Captain Wins $20,000 Lawsuit  4.7.14

                                       Jesse Jackson Jr. Stirs Trouble in Prison - Transferred  4.7.14

                            NYS Correction Commission Requires Additional Staffing  4.6.14

                                          Bryan Fischer Wants Prison for Adultery  4.6.14

                             NY Correction Union Opposes New Prison Chief Methods  4.6.14

                                             Prison Nurse Charged With Battery  4.6.14

                              Hospital Kidnaps Child - Who Should Go to Prison?

                                 Weapons and Alcohol Lead to Prison Lockdown in Illinois  4.6.14

                         Police, Prison Industry Should Not Lobby Government  4.6.14

                           Prison inmates Being Enrolled in Medicaid Under Obamacare  4.6.14

                                         Jesse Jackson Jr. Moved to  a  Prison  Camp  4.6.14

                                               Gang Fight Locks Down Ga. Prison  4.6.14

                                                  inmate Caught Posting on Facebook  4.6.14

                                 The Man That Ruined The New York State Prison System 4.5.14

                                           50 Most Comfortable Prison's  in the World  4.5.14       

                                                         Go "Blue 4 Ben"

                                 New York Union President Mocks Incoming Prison Boss 4.5.14

                              inmate Gets 19 more Years for Assaulting Correction Officer  4.5.14

                                What a Surprise, Peeping Tom Suspect was on Parole  4.5.14

                              New York Union President -    New Prison Chief is "Bad Move"     45.14

                    North Country Public Radio Report on New York Prison's- Audio Link   4.5.14

                                          New York Law Let's inmate's Out to Save Money   4.5.14

                                       Kaslow  v. City of New York Retirement Decision  4.5.14

                                 Ex- NYC Correction Officer Sentenced for Stabbing Police Officer 4.5.14

                                        N.H. Has the Death Penalty ?  Who Knew?  4.5.14

                                     Major Use-of-Forces Are Up in State Tally   4.4.14       

NY Union Chief Ridicules "Soft" Policies of Incoming Commissioner 

                                  Judge  Demands Explanation of Rapist's Parole Decision 4.4.14

                                  New York Warden Reassigned in inmate's Death     4.3.14

                                  NYS Prison Remains on Lockdown After 20 inmate Fight  4.3.14

                            Several NYS Corrections Officer's Assaulted at Mid-State Prison  4.2.14

                                                   NYS DOCS  Current Fact Sheet           4.2.14

                                        NYS Correction's Official placed on Leave for Sexual Harassment  4.2.14

                    Fight at Attica Prison Injures Another NYS Correction Officer  4.2.14

                     College Student Visits Sing Sing Prison and Writes About it   4.2.14

                                                              Roll Call Briefing  4.1.14

                                         Governor Defies Feds on Prison Rape Law   4.1.14

                             NYS Parolee Arrested by Violent Felony Warrant Squad   4.1.14

                          Correction Officer Overtime Rising by the Millions in Albany, NY  4.1.14

                                      Parolee Chokes Man, Strikes 16 Year Old Girl   4.1.14

                                      inmate Missing from Federal Prison    4.1.14


                                               Path to Parole - Does it Work?   3.31.14

                                   Private Prisons get Huge Gift From State in Budget  3.31.14

                            HIV Positive inmate Spits Blood and Assaults 2 NYS Officer's  3.31.14

                                     inmate Jumps Prison Fence and Escapes  3.31.14

                                       Texting is the Next Big Thing in Gang Codes  3.31.14

                                            Private Prison Staff Forecasts  Trouble  3.31.14

                                   Murderer Granted Parole from 1990's Killing  3.31.14

                           State Prison Officer's Overworked and Under Duress  3.31.14

                              NYS Correction Officer Assaulted in Violent Attack    3.30.14

                          State  Won't Comply With Prison  Elimination Act (PREA)  3.29.14

                          inmate that Killed Correction Officer - Found Dead in Cell   3.29.14

                                  Another Innocent Person Murdered by a Parolee   3.29.14

                       inmate Charged with Throwing Urine on Correction Officer  3.29.14

                              Parolee Surrenders at Jail with the Best Food 3.29.14

                                         Judge: Prison Nurse Was Framed   3.29.14

                                        Prison Locked Down After Threat Found  3.29.14

                                   Prison inmate Assaults Correction Officer   3.29.14

                                 Private Prison Protestors Target CEO's Home  3.27.14

                                   Mayor Arrested - Faces 20 Years in Prison  3.27.14

                           Prison Wardens' Raises Outpace Correction Officer's  3.27.14

                                 Prison is a Cold Place - My Experience at Sing Sing   3.2614 

                                         14,302 New York State Parolees Re-Arrested in 2013 

                        NYS inmate Charged Assaulting Correction Officer 3.26.14

                            NYS Parolee Arrested for Dealing Drugs Near Goshen  Daycare Center  3.26.14

                  ALERT - Another NYS Cop Killer Seeking Parole  3.26.14

                                     Prison Food Vendor Has Checkered Past  3.26.14

                                         Prison Rape Act Affects ALL Jails  3.26.14

                                inmate Executed for Raping /Killing Teen in 1989  3.26.14

                              Ex-Con Convicted of Selling Heroin in Watertown , NY   3.26.14

                               $3 Million Settlement Reached in inmate Death  3.26.14

                             Prison inmate Convicted of Beating Correction Officer 3.26.14

                             inmate Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Correction Officer  3.26.14

                           Some State Prison Wardens Getting Hefty Pay Raises  3.26.14

                     Former Correction Officer Explains inmate Con-Game  3.25.14

                         Prison Wardens Get Hefty Pay Hikes by Switching Posts  3.25.14

                   Texas Finds New Supply of Lethal Injection Drugs 3.25.14

                         Governor Seeks Public Input on Reducing Prison Recidivism  3.25.14

                                       Ex-Con Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping 3.25.14

                                 inmate Convicted of Correction Officer Beating   3.25.14

                                            On Parole and Wanted for Murder  3.25.14

                              Parole Violator Identified as Suspect in Murder  3.25.14

                                        Parolee Mistakenly Released from Prison  3.25.14

                        Student Suspended for Shaving Head in Support of Cancer ?  3.25.14

                     New York Prison inmate Charged with Killing Fellow Prisoner 3.25.14

                             Day After His Release from Prison  , Man Robs Store   3.25.14

                                 S.C. Prison inmate Charged in Cellmate Death  3.25.14

                        2 inmates Shot in Prison, but NOT by Correction Officer's  3.25.14

                         Prison Escape Uses Scene from Shawshank Redemption  3.25.14

                            7 Sex Offenders Arrested in "Operation Shamrock"  3.25.14

                          Zero Tolerance for inmate -Employee Relationships 3.25.14

                                      State Overhaul Leads to Jail Overcrowding  3.25.14

                         New York Correction Officer Arrested in Death of inmate  3.24.14

              Majority of New Yorker's Support Cuomo's College Prison Plan - Sienna Poll  3.24.14

                      inmate Sends Obama a threatening Letter - to the Wrong Address  3.24.14

                                 NYS Parolee Assaults Police Officer in Monticello  3.24.14

                                  Thrill Killer Up For Parole for 1973 Murder  3.24.14

                                             Zimbardo's Prison Experiment 1971

                            Allegations of Abuse at States Women's Prison 3.24.14

                             Prison Video Link Saves Trips to Hospital for inmates 3.24.14

                              inmate Attacks Guard and Briefly Escapes  3.24.14

                   Jail Secretary Steals Money from inmates Commissary Accounts 3.24.14

                                  inmate Dies After Fight With Another Prisoner   3.24.14

                            Muslims Storm Prison - Boil Heads of Prison Guards  3.24.14

                       State Contracts with Private Prison to Alleviate Overcrowding  3.24.14

                   What Causes $60 Million in Overtime for State Correction Officer's?   3.23.14

                                         2 inmates Shot After Prison Stabbing  3.23.14

                                 Parolee Let Out Early Shoots Police Officer  3.23.14

                                       F.B.I. Investigating inmate Death   3.23.14

                              3 State Parole Officials Fired for High Profile Murder's  3.23.14

                                            Correction Officer Salary Rankings  3.23.14

                                               Should a Cop Killer Ever be Paroled?  NO!  3.23.14

                                                       NYS Parolee Wanted by FBI  3.22.14

                           Another Liberal That doesn't Understand How Prison Works  3.22.14

                            Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison - for what?  3.22.14

                                           Death Penalty Costs Vs. Life in Prison  3.22.14

                                   Correction Officer Experience Pays $9 per hour  3.22.14

                          NY Correction Officer Taken Into Custody After Shooting  3.21.14

                               20 Non-Compliant State Sex Offenders Arrested in Sweep  3.21.14

                                           Former Basketball Star Sentenced to Prison  3.21.14

                     NY Governors Plan Could Release Sex Offender's into Community  3.21.14

                                      Senate Approves State Prison Commissioner  3.21.14

                          Police Dog Shot During Parole Check - Parolee Killed  3.21.14

                        Court Appearance in Prison Uniform not enough to Grant New Trial  3.21.14

                       Private Prison Company Ordered to Release  "Public" Information 3.21.14

                                 Killer Put to Death More Humanely Than His Victims  3.21.14

                               NY Mayor Troubled by inmate who Baked to Death in Cell   3.21.14

                        inmate Takes Officers Baton to Hit Another inmate During Brawl   3.20.14

                                       Use-of-Force @ Rikers Skyrockets 240%    3.20.14

                               NYS Prison Yard  Brawl Leaves Correction Officer Injured  3.20.14

                                         New York inmate Baked to Death in Hot Cell  3.20.14

                    Symposium to Discuss Aging inmate Population  3.20.14

                                         State inmate Dies After Attack in Prison Yard  3.1914

                      Parolee Murders Mother Then Ruled Unfit to Stand Trial    3.19.14

                  Prison Union Calls for Empty Units to be reopened to Tackle Overcrowding  3.19.14

                        New York Prison Struggling With Surge in Violence and Mental Illness  3.19.14

                                  inmates Illegal Rap Video Goes Viral  3.19.14

                     Parolee Arrested After High Speed Chase  3.19.14

                    inmates Record First Ever Music Video From Inside Prison Cell  3.18.14

                    Sex Abuse Complains Against NYS Correction Officer's Dismissed in Ruling 3.18.14

                             Chris Leo's Senate Testimony                 

                                    State Officials Try to Curb Prison Tattoo's  3.18.14

                                  Man That Killed Six Children in 1978 Up For Parole  3.18.14

                                  How to Pick a Prison Lock - Instructional Video   3.18.14

                            2000 Absconders - Only 150 Respond to States' Amnesty Program    3.18.14

                               Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison ?   3.18.14

                           New York State Correction Officer Arrested - VIDEO   3.17.14

                                  Another New York State Parolee Arrested   3.17.14

                      5 State Correction Officer's Charged With Beating inmates 3.17.14

                  inmate takes Correction Staff Hostage With Makeshift Knife  3.17.14

              Only in New York- Repeat Offender Already On Parole - Gets Probation  3.17.14

          New York Correction Officer Gets Paid for 16 Years of Not Working !   3.17.14

                                    Staten Island Ex-Con Going Back to Prison   3.17.14

                       inmate Disobeys Order and Attacks Correction Officer 3.17.14

                                                 1977 Escapee Finally Free 3.17.14

                                       Parolee Arrested for Having Video Camera  3.17.14

                         Ex-Correction Officer Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison   3.17.14

                            Registered Sex Offender Tries to Kidnap 12 Year Old Boy  3.17.14

                                   Parole Hearing Set for 1986 Murderer  3.17.14

                       Parolee +36 Bags of Crack + 63 Bags of Cocaine =  Arrest  3.17.14

                    What is the Vitamin D Level of Prison inmates ? Who Cares?   3.17.14

                   State Correction Officer Won't Get Full Pay After Severe Beating  3.16.14

               Another New York Cop Killer Seeking Parole      Robert Seth Hayes   3.16.14

                    "Brubaker Wannabee"  Spends 20 Hrs. in Solitary Confinement 3.15.14

                                    Chris Brown Arrested on Parole Violation   3.15.14

                                     Prison System Clamps Down on Parole Releases  3.15.14

                             NYS Correction Sgt. Assaulted in Maximum Security Prison  3.14.14

                                   Attempted Escape From NY Prison Thwarted   3.14.14

                                       Another NY Correction Officer Assaulted 3.14.14

                                            Correction Officer  Hearing Finally Begining  3.14.14

                                  New York Prison Assaults at ALL Time High  3.13.14

                                      State Correction Officer Fired After Arrest  3.13.14

                               New Correction  Commissioner Appointed in New York  3.13.14

                                     Hundreds of Correction Officer's Attend Rally  3.13.14

                                                       Dangerous Gangs in Prison - Video  3.13.14

                                 Sex Offenders Failing to Register with the State   3.13.14

                                              200 inmate Riot at State Prison  3.12.14

                                               Prison Guard Smuggler Arrested  3.12.14

                             "Officer of the Year" Goes to Prison for Drugs  3.12.14

                                     Man Says He is Too FAT to Go To Prison   3.12.14

                                Two Convicted Murderers Denied Parole  3.12.14       

                                    Correction Officer's Converge on Capitol for Protest  3.11.14

                              New York State Correction Officer's Rally to Keep Prisons Open   3.11.14


                                     Correction Officer Rally Held at NYS Capitol  3.11.14

                  inmate Accused of Throwing Blood in Correction Officer's Face  3.10.14

                                 2 Correction Officer's Get Prison Time for inmate Beating  3.10.14

                       Prison on Lockdown After inmates and Officer's Fight 3.10.14

                                      Top Ten Most Wanted Parolee Captured    3.10.14

                               inmate Released from Prison, Arrested an Hour Later  3.10.14

                                      inmates signing up for Obamacare in Large Numbers  3.10.14

                       State Settles with Parents of Murdered Correction Officer  3.9.14

                           New York Correction Officer's Charged with Beating of inmate 3.9.14

                            N.Y. C.O. Claims She Had Sex With Eight Co-Workers and inmates  3.9.14

                              inmate Killed 7 People  Wins $500,000 Civil Award  3.9.14

                                                NYS Parolee Arrested for Assault   3.9.14

                                               NYS Parolee Arrested in Utica  3.9.14

                             Governor, "Shut Prisons Down , Save That Money "   3.9.14

                                                Parolee Held in Road Rage Shooting   3.9.14

                         Brutal Fight Between inmate and Correction Officer's Video  3.9.14

                                        State inmate Killed by Fellow Gang Members   3.9.14

                                   Yet Another New York State Parolee Arrested  3.9.14

                                                1977  "Girl in the Box"  Story  3.8.14

                                        1964 "Genovese Syndrome"  Murder 3.8.14

                                   Another  inmate Death Raises Questions 3.8.14

                                  NYS Parolee Arrested for Stabbing in Poughkeepsie  3.7.14

                    Correction Officer Accused of Leaving Loaded Gun in Public Restroom  3.7.14

                                  Attorney Arrested - Smuggled Sex Toy into Prison  3.7.14

                                       Paroled Child Killer Arrested in Drug Sweep  3.7.14

         28% of Inmates Report "Head Shots" by Correction Officer's at Rikers   3.7.14

                                      Motion Detectors Led to Escape from Prison  3.7.14

                                        Parolee Arrested for String of Robberies 3.7.14

                                Correction Officer Arrested for Sex with a Minor  3.7.14

                                Lil Boosie Released From Prison 10 Years Early   3.7.14

                                  Correction Officer's Seeking Stab Proof Vests  3.7.14

                                        Another New York Parolee Arrested  3.7.14

                                          Cop Killer Released from Prison on Parole  3.7.14

                                          Beauty Pageant in Women's Prison   3.7.14

                                               FBI Investigating Private Prison   3.7.14

                          New York Correction Officer's Covered up Beating , Says D.A.   3.7.14

                                          Parolee Leads Police on Foot Chase  3.7.14

                                          Parolee Arrested in Connection to Cutting   3.7.14

                                          Parolee Arrested with on Meth Charges   3.7.14

     NYS Correction Officer injured,  two inmates Stabbed Bare Hill Brawl  3.6.14

                                4  inmates Overpower  Correction Officer's and Escape 3.6.14

                       State Prison Worker Arrested for Having Sex with inmates  3.6.14

                                        Correction Officer Salary in Alaska is ???? 

                          "We let the people of Ionia down"  Warden After Escape   3.6.14

                 inmate to Plead Guilty in C.O.'s Murder- If Death Penalty Dropped     3.6.14   

                             Man Makes Bomb Threat so He can Go to Prison   3.6.14   

                          State Correction Officer's Want to Purchase Stab Proof Vests  3.6.14

                               From Prison Cell to Championship Fight  3.5.14

                 2 More NYS Correction Officer's Assaulted Inside Violent New York Prisons  3.5.14

                    New York Correction Officer's Honored @ Award Ceremony   3.5.14

                            Cop Killer - Black Panther Leader - Released from Prison  3.5.14

                                               New York Killer to be Deported  3.5.14

                              Evidence Photo's From Parolee Shootout with Police  3.5.14

                                 Prison Marriage at Public Expense ???    3.5.14

                                       Penney Brown's (Penney's Law) Murderer Denied Parole   3.5.14

                           New York - Turning Prisons into playgrounds   3.5.14

                                    Prisoner Accused of Writing Fake Parole Letters  3.5.14

                                      Mother Sues Prison After Sons Suicide  3.5.14

                         NYS Correction Officer Cleared of ALL Charges - Loses Job   3.4.14

                            Wife of Murdered Correction Officer Urges Justice  3.4.14

                                                        " He Made Parole"    3.4.14

                          Republicans & Democrats Blast Cuomo's Prison College Plan  3.4.14

                 6 Women Visitors Arrested Over Weekend - Not For Visiting  3.4.14

            Longest Prison Sentence on Record - 384,912 Years to a Mailman 3.4.14

                                               Toe Biter Going to Prison   3.4.14

                          Prison is Force Feeding inmates on Hunger Strike  3.4.14

                       Imaginary  "School to Prison Pipeline"  Sparks Walkout   3.4.14

                             Buffalo Man Sent to Prison for Threatening Family   3.4.14

                                 inmate Placed in Solitary Confinement After Murder  3.4.14   

Investigation Underway at State Prison for inmate Murder

                                           8 inmates Injured in State Prison Brawl   3.4.14

                                     Will ObamaCare Lower the Prison Population  3.4.14

                                        Parole Violator Arrested - Mugshot   3.3.14

                                     State Prison Population Holding Steady   3.3.14

                          New York Correction Officer's Cleared of inmate Beating    3.3.14

                          Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Drug Cases  3.3.14

                                                U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case on

                         Inmate Grooming - Gee I wonder how they will decide?     3.3.14

                  State Proposes Less Visitation , 2 Meals a Day, Less Showers to Save    3.3.14        

                            Legislature Cuts "Shoot to Kill" Rule During Prison Escape  3.3.14

                       5 Year Old Boy Raped in Church Bathroom  - Rapist Gets Life  3.3.14

                  Governor Disciplines 3 Correction Officer's Over inmate Death  3.3.14

                                    Prison Guard Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes  3.2.14

                                             State Prison Documentary up for Oscar    3.2.14

                        Of Course, Brian Fischers' Group Applauds College in Prison  3.1.14

                                            Prison Band Prepares for First Public Concert 3.1.14

                                                 First Degree Plea in Cellmate Murder  3.1.14

                                               Teenage Girl Killed - Parolee Arrested   3.1.14

                                           Parolee Injures Police Dog in Scuffle  3.1.14  

                                     Highest Paid NYS Correction Employees  3.1.14  


                                        NYS Post Closing Report  3.1.14

                                        First Parole Meeting - Parody Video   3.1.14

                                   Fugitive Turns Himself in After 33 Years   3.1.14

                                            Another NYS Parolee Arrested - hahahaha     3.1.14

                  NYS Parolee Enters Home Assaults Woman With 5 Children  3.1.14

                     Wife Admits Making up Charges against NYS Correction Officer 3.1.14

                                  inmate Accused of Assaulting Correction Officer's  3.1.14

                                               Another NYS Parolee Arrested  3.1.14

                                      Private Prison Company Inching Into New York  3.1.14

                                                     No Parole for Herman Bell   3.1.14

                                                   Inside Alaska Prison's - Video 3.1.14 

                                              Surprise, Surprise - An inmate Lied   3.1.14

                                      Don't be Shocked -  Another NYS Parolee Arrested    3.1.14

                                          DHS - Prison Rape Elimination Act Finalized   3.1.14

         inmate Charged With Falsely Claiming he was Sexually Assaulted in Prison   2.27.14

                                                                 NYS DOCS Issues Post Closing Report  2.26.14

                                          Aaron Hernandez Attack's inmate in Prison  2.26.14

                                              NY Cop Killer Denied Parole - Again!     2.26.14

                           Another NYS Parolee Arrested - Keep Letting Them Out  2.25.14

                                               Parole Denied for Cop Killer  2.25.14

                                        State  Parolee   Robs Bank One Day After Parole  2.25.14     

                              inmate Learns Chokehold in Prison - Kills Correction Officer 2.25.14       

                  Scholarship to Honor Slain Correction Officer - Donation Info 2.25.14

                                    Parolee Arrested - "I wanted quick cash"  2.25.14

                                    NYS Parolee Arrested Near Suspicious Fire   2.25.14

                                           NY Times Editor Wants a Parole Panel       2.25.14

                                 DOCS Denies Discrimination in Parole Decisions 2.25.14

                             State Weighs Paroling More Terminally Ill inmates  2.25.14

                                    Two State inmates Found Dead From Illness   2.24.14 

                      Prison Commissioner Spends 20 Hours in Solitary Confinement  2.24.14

                            New York Prison Plan Asks for Mayhem - Union President  2.22.14

                         NYS Prison Violence Continues - 3 More Officers Injured   2.20.14

                       Letter: Cuts to Corrections Led to Escape and Kidnapping  2.20.14

                              New York Settles SHU Lawsuit - Changes Coming   2.20.14

                     NY  Parolee Released Two Months ago  Pleads Guilty to Crime    2.20.14

                  New York Attorney General Schneiderman Supports College in Prison 2.20.14

                             New York C.O. Impregnated by Cop Killer - Gets 1 Yr. in Prison  2.20.14

                            Cuomo's Free inmate College Program Meeting Resistance  2.19.14

                    inmate Ordered "Hit" using Smuggled CellPhone- C.O. Shot 6 Times At Home  2.19.14

                              Parole Violator is Person of Interest in Shooting Death   2.19.14

                                    Prison inmate Band to Play First Public Concert   2.19.14

                                   Liberal Law Students Win Ramadan Prison Case   2.19.14

                                  State Police Ordered to Investigate Private Prison   2.19.14

                               Fatal Attack on Correction Officer - Life Ended in Minutes  2.19.14

                                                 NYS Parolee Turns Himself In   2.19.14

                                  Boston Children's Hospital Has Kidnapped 15 Yr. Old Girl   2.19.14

                     NYS Parolee Arrested for Sexual Assault on Young Girl  2.19.14

                                        College in NYS Prisons?  Read the Responses 2.19.14

                                 NYS Senator Vows to Fight Free College in Prison  2.18.14

                                         Lifer Attempts to Escape Prison  - Caught     2.18.14

                                                     inmate Killed in State Prison   2.18.14

                                  State Largest Prison Union Working Without Contract  2.18.14

                       Governor Cuomo Wants to Turn Prisons into College Campuses - lol    2.18.14

                               Union President - "Prison Closures Will Increase Dangers"   2.18.14

                       Cop Killer and  Black Panther Militant seeks Parole in New York  2.18.14

                            Stop Cop Killer- Herman Bell 79C0262- From Being Paroled   2.18.14

                                Can't Afford College? Go to Prison in New York - It's Free   2.18.14

                    Senator Retires After Failed Confirmation Bid for Parole Board   2.18.14

                                        A Few Ideas to Stop Prison Escapes   2.18.14

                                        New York Governor Going Backwards?   2.18.14

                          New York Bumper Sticker - "I Got My Degree at Attica Prison "   2.17.14

                                      Correction Officer Killed by inmate  2.17.14

                                        Correction Dies from Brutal inmate Attack   2.17.14

         Governor Cuomo Announcing New Program to Fund College for inmates

             Now You Know Why the Prisons are Understaffed  2.16.14

      2013 Top 25 Salaries NYS Department of Corrections is now Available

                                Cant Afford College?  Go to Prison in New York   2.16.14

                Governor Cuomo - If you Obey the Law, You Have to Pay for your own college  2.16.14

                  Prison Smuggled Cell Phones Used for Crimes and Facebook   2.16.14

                                         GPS Monitoring Overwhelming Officer's     2.16.14

                  inmate Breaks out of Prison to See Girlfriend on Valentines Day  2.16.14

                                 Andersonville- The Hell That Was Prison  2.16.14

                              Prison Techniques Being Used on American's Today   2.15.14

                                      Letter to New York Governor Cuomo   2.15.14

                           New York Ex-Con Sentenced in Savage Beating   2.15.14

                 Woman Arrested for Bringing Contraband to Sing Sing Prison   2.15.14

                                  Assault on Prison  - Watch Full Video  2.15.14

                               Parolee Charged with Shooting 4 Senior Citizens   2.15.14

                                    American Hero Finally Released from Prison  2.15.14

                  Officials Confirm inmate Injury in Prison Altercation   2.15.14

                                                More Liberal Propaganda     2.15.14

                  Correction Officer Declared Brain Dead After Attack by inmate  2.15.14

                            Mass Murderer Demands Better Video Games in Prison    2.15.14

                                      3 inmates Stabbed - Prison on Lockdown   2.15.14

                           Month After Release, Parolee Arrested for Rape of Teen   2.15.14

                                   inmate Set To Plead Guilty of Killing Fellow inmate   2.15.14

                                                SWAT Team Storms Parolee's Home  2.15.14

                                            Poor staffing Claimed in Beating Death Lawsuit  2.14.14

                                          FCC Caps Rates For Prison Phone Calls   2.14.14

                               Interview With State's New Correction Commissioner   2.14.14

                               Locked Down Prison Surrounded by 30 Patrol Cars    2.14.14

                             Private Prison Company Exposed for Fraudulent Billing   2.14.14

                                             inmate Found Dead in Prison Cell   2.14.14

                                  Gunshot Leads to Arrest for Parole Violation   2.14.14

                Hearing Held on Prison Escape, Commissioner Faces Tough Questions   2.14.14

                NYS Parolee, Convicted of Sexually Abusing 9 yr old, Arrested again   2.14.14

                    Judge Gets 28 Years for Selling Teens to Private Prisons   2.14.14

                      Prison Guard Pleads to Supplying Cell Phones to inmates   2.14.14

                           New York Prison Violence Continues - Prison on Lockdown2.13.14

                  Correction Officer Drives to Work on Lawnmower  - Must See Photo  2.13.12

                                            Another New York Pay Program for Inmates   2.13.14

                                This Would NEVER Happen in New York  2.13.14

                                           Correction Officer of the Year Award   2.13.14

                            O.J. Simpson on Hunger Strike  - Who Really Cares?   2.13.14

                             Ex-Con Builds Prison Cell and Lives Inside it   2.13.14

                        What a Surprise - Repeat Sex Offender Going Back to Prison   2.13.14

                                      Inmate Found Dead on Bathroom Floor  2.13.14

                              Former Correction Officials Urge Parole Reforms  2.13.14

                                         Details of Second Escape Released   2.13.14

                                   Parolee Asks to be Arrested - Then Robs Store   2.13.14

                          Polygraph Requirement for Correction Officer's Legislation ?  2.13.14

                               Private Prison Firm to Fight Understaffing Audit Result       2.13.14

       Union Official Speaks to the Prison Uprisings in New York - Radio Interview 

                                 Waiting for Clemency from Governor Cuomo   2.11.14

                               Medicare Paid Out $12 Million Dollars to inmates   2.11.14

                                                 The Prison Guard's Dilemma   2.11.14

                    House Democrats Calling for Investigation of Unmanned Towers    2.11.14

                   Correction Officer Sent Nude Photo's to Underage Girls in New York   2.11.14

                                         inmate Escapes During Soccer Match   2.11.14

                               Back to Prison for Ex-Con Who Wrote the Book on Crime  2.11.14

                                 Prison Phone Calls Will Be Getting A Lot Cheaper    2.11.14

                Parolee Made Recording Before Killing State's Correction Commissioner  2.11.14

                          Former Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Fill the Prisons  2.11.14

                                Paroled 4 Months Ago - Arrested for Rape at Gunpoint   2.11.14

                                               NYS Prison Employee Arrested  2.11.14

                                 New York Correction Officer Stuck in Pay Freeze   2.11.14

                Legislative Hearing Planned For New State DOCS Commissioner   2.11.14

                                 State Senator Talks About Prison Reform  2.11.14

                             Union Speaks Out on New York State  Prison Crime Wave   2.11.14

                  NYS Prison Closures Going Forward in Spite of Dangerous Results   2.10.14

            Woman BUSTED for Trying to Smuggle Drugs/Money into NYS Prison  2.10.14

                       California Gets Two More Years to Lower inmate Population   2.10.14

                                    2 Attica inmate Deaths Linked to Heroin  2.10.14

                                      New York Prison Violence OUT of Control     2.10.14

                          Prison to Charge inmates for Food and Health Care    2.10.14

                             Obama Administration Urges Convicts to Apply for Clemency  2.10.14

                                  Parolee Dies in Violent Police Confrontation   2.10.14

                             Attica Correction Officer Receives CUSA Valor Award  2.9.14

                       Breaking News - Another Attack on Officer at Clinton NY Prison   2.9.14

          Five More NYS Corrections Officers Injured in Prison Crime Wave 2.9.14

                          inmate Arrested for Attacking NYS Correction Officer  2.9.14

                              NYS Parolee Burned Down State Trooper's House    2.9.14

                                Correction Officer Killed in Prison stabbed 14 Times  2.9.14

                                  Parolees Get Gift Cards in New Program   2.9.14

                                        Prison Guard Seeks PTSD - lol      2.9.14

                                   States Enrolling Prison Inmates in Obamacare  2.9.14

                                NY Correction Officer Choked and Punched by inmate 2.9.14

                                   Officer Suspended After Beating Caught on Tape  2.9.14

                                         Officer was within 20 Feet of Inmate Escapee   2.9.14

                                            Private Prisons Are Unconstitutional   2.9.14

                        Correction Officer's Want Ability to Transfer to Avoid Danger   2.9.14

                                              Parolee Leads Police on High Speed Chase  2.9.14

                           McGruff the Crime Dog Going to Prison for 16 Years  2.9.14

                                      Former State Senator Released from Prison  2.9.14

                               Governor Unveils Prison Anti-Cell-Phone Technology    2.9.14

                      Inmate Bragged About Beating Officer with Food Tray  2.9.14

                               Prison Begins Charging Inmates for Food and Medical Care  2.9.14

                            Prison on LOCKDOWN after Stabbing of Correction Officer  2.9.14

                      Shift Commander and one Other Suspended After Prison Escape   2.9.14

                           Nine inmates Charged With Assaulting Three NYS Correction Officers     2.9.14

                                        Correction Officer Accused of Raping Parolee  2.9.14

                                   Did Budget Cuts Lead to Prison Escape in Michigan?   2.9.14

                                                NYS Parolee Arrested for Lying  2.9.14

                                              Another inmate Dies in Prison   2.9.14

                         inmate Who Fell in Prison Escape is Released , but Paralyzed     2.9.14

                           DOCS asks Lawmakers for an Additional $41 Million Dollars  2.9.14

                                             Inmate Found Dead in Prison Cell 2.9.14

                                     Another NYS Parolee Chared with Robbery   2.9.14

                         Inmate Convicted of Racially Motivated Prison Murder  2.9.14

                                     3 Prison Employees Killed by Valley Fever  2.9.14

                                 Inmate to Stand Trial for Killing Correction Sergeant   2.9.14

                             Inmate Stabbed Officer Receives More Time in Prison 2.9.14

                     Prison Employee Dies From Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshot   2.9.14

                                   2nd Fastest Growing Prison Population in America  2.9.14

                                    Two New York Inmates Freed After 21 Years  2.9.14

                                             Parolee Warned of Bad Things  2.9.14

                                              Agency Targets Parole Violator's  2.9.14

                                Solitary Confinement Puts Death Row Officer's in Jeopardy  2.9.14

                              3 Correction Officers Injured at New York State Prison  2.8.14

                               NYS Parole Officer's Attacked by Knife Wielding Parolee   2.8.14

                             Union Press Release on Correction Officer Attacks 2.8.14

                                  The New York State "Halt Solitary Confinement Act"  2.8.14

                          9 Inmates Attack Officer as NYS Prison Violence Continues  2.8.14

                                 3  More Officer's Injured at NYS Prison - Gowanda   2.8.14

                            Experts Explain Recent Prison Escape - Towers Unmanned  2.7.14

                              2 More NYS Correction Officer's Rushed to Hospital 2.6.14

                             State DOCS and Union at Odds Over Prison Security  2.6.14

                                    NY Correction Officer Neck is Slashed  2.6.14

                            2 Correction Officer's Attacked and Injured by inmate  2.6.14

                         Female Correction Officer Beaten and Choked in Attack  2.6.14

                         Prison Escapee From 1977 Captured - Returned to Prison  2.6.14

                     State Correction Officer Arrested - Sodomy - Rape of Parolee  2.6.14

                                State DOCS Ousts Prison Superintendent Over Stabbing   2.6.14

            New York Prison Closures Lead to 10,000 double-bunked inmates    2.6.14

                   Warden Accused of Filming Sexual Shaming of Female Inmates  2.6.14

                                               Prison Killer Pleads Guilty   2.6.14

                                NY Correction Officer Slashed at Hospital   2.6.14

                                 State Parole Board Member Abruptly Resigns   2.6.14

                                     Too Cold, Prison Escapee Turns Self In  2.6.14

                         New York State DOCS  Propaganda  Budget Testimony  2.6.14

             Prison Guard and Ex-Con Boyfriend Turned 16 Year Old Into Prostitute  2.6.14

                                        Parolee Killed in Standoff With Police   2.6.14

                     State inmate Convicted of Smuggling Drugs in Prison  2.6.14

                       Escaped Murderer "stopped into a Church along the way"     2.6.14

                    3 More NYS Correction Officers Injured in Prison Crime Wave  2.5.14

                                            Five Killers up for Parole  2.5.14

                                    Prison Escapee Caught After 37 Years  2.5.14

                      Understaffing Prison Leads to $1 Million Dollar Fine   2.5.14

                              Parolee Wanted in Shooting   Captured  2.5.14

                                                   Felon Fights with Correction Officer   2.5.14

                                     Senate Remembers Famous Prison Riot  2.5.14

                                         Another NYS Parolee Arrested  2.5.14

                         NYS inmate Charged for Attacking 3 Correction Officers  2.5.14

                 Wanted NYS Parolee Captured - Drugs and Forgery Charges  2.5.14

                        Correction Officer Stabbed in Face and Neck   2.5.14

                                        Inmate Stabbed In New York Prison   2.5.14

                           Parolee Charged With Assaulting Police at Starbucks  2.5.14

                      U.S. Will NOT Try Correction Officer in Brutality Case  2.5.14

                           Union - "Prison Towers are Unmanned"    2.5.14

                                             Inmate Charged in Prison Attack  2.5.14

                                     Another NYS Parolee Charged in Bank Robbery  2.5.14

                                  NYS Parolee Charged with Illegal Weapon Possession  2.5.14

                             Budget Cuts - Unmanned Towers Led to inmate Escape  2.4.14

                                        Escaped Inmate Caught - Video  2.4.14

                                 Execution Delayed as Drugs Are Being Studied  2.4.14

                                 NYS Parole Board - Risk Analysis Criticized  2.4.14

                                      New York Killer Denied Parole  2.4.14

                            State Correction Officer Placed on Leave After "Incident"   2.4.14

                                     Who Won "Warder of the Year"   Award ???   2.4.14

                              Parolee Rams Police Car - Going Back to the Big-House  2.4.14

                               81 Year Old Woman - Prison for Feeding Animals   2.4.14

                                         NYS Parolee Charged in Murder   2.4.14

                        Must See Video - inmate Teaches How to Escape from Black-Box   2.4.14

                                     NY Correction Officer Letter to the Editor  2.4.14

                         inmate Escapes From State Maximum Security Prison  2.3.14

                                   Escaped Parolee Found Hiding in Bathroom  2.2.14

                                   C.O. Acquitted of Violating Civil Rights  2.2.14

                              Cold Blooded Killer Seeks Parole for 33rd Time  2.2.14

                                 Man Who Killed His Young Children Up For Parole  2.2.14

                             911 Call From Inside Private Prison is Released  2.2.214

                                            50 Photo's - Prison Life   2.2.14

                   State Prison Officials Being Sued for Ignoring Inmate Pleas Before Death 2.1.14

                                   New Prison Rules for State Concerning Gangs  2.1.14

                                       4 Felons Captured in Shooting   2.1.14

             "Ex- Inmates Difficult to Keeps Tabs on" - State says   2.1.14

                                                     Prison Data Leak not Relevant 2.1.14

                State Prison Inmate Wins $12,000 Smelly Mattress Lawsuit     2.1.14

        Parolee Charged With Shooting at Police - Attempted Murder  2.1.14

                                                       Correction Officers on STRIKE !    2.1.14

                      Prison Employee Sexually Assaulted and Stabbed by Inmate    2.1.14

                Another NYS Correction Officer Attacked and Injured   2.1.14

                                  Top Ten Fugitive Captured in Another State   2.1.14

                              Another Innocent Life Take by Inmate on Parole   2.1.14

                 Ex- Detroit Mayor Wants Your Money To Get Out of Prison  2.1.14

                         More Dreamers Want to Remake New York's Prison System   2.1.14

                                  On Probation - Accused of Raping 14 Year Old   2.1.14

                  600 Inmate Parole Office with Sex Offenders Opening Next to a Daycare   2.1.14

                       New York Inmate in Solitary for Throwing "Urine" on Officer  2.1.14

                              Lawmakers Evaluating Stopping Conjugal Visit Program   2.1.14

                         Drug Dealer on Parole Arrested with Drugs and Loaded Gun  2.1.14

         Attempted Rape Just 22 Days After Being Released from NY State Prison  2.1.14

                                          NY Escaped Killer Caught in Tennessee   1.31.14

                             Feds Should Share Blame in C.O.'s Death - Defense Claims  1.31.14

                      State Prison Employee Assaulted by Violent inmate  1.31.14

                                                 Second Prison  Inmate to Die This Week    1.31.14

         Forced Overtime and Poor Staffing Causes NY State Prison Budget to Rise  1.31.14

                                  Slain Correction Officer Family Files Lawsuit  1.31.14

                                      NYS Parolee Captured After Feeling Stop  1.31.14

                  Correction Officer Accused of Placing Hidden Camera in Prison Locker Room   1.31.14

                                    State's Prison Population at an All Time High  1.31.14

                              Officials Investigate inmate Death at State Prison  1.31.14

                                   Prison Reform Legislation Moving Through Legislature  1.31.14

                                      Parole Violator Captured in Sweep  1.31.14

                                      Another Attack on NY Correction Staff    1.30.14

                            NY Parolee Tried to Kill Parole New York State  Officers  1.30.14

                                Correction Officer Provides Inmate With Uniform

                               Inmate Calmly Walks Out of Prison - Watch Video   1.30.14

                                                      Two Parolees Arrested  1.30.14

                     New York Parolees Are Now Eligible for Resentencing  - Court Ruling  1.30.14

                                        NY Probation Violator Going to State Prison  1.30.14

                        NY Correction Officer Charged with Shocking Security Breach   1.30.14

                                         Jury Deliberates Prison Brutality Case  1.30.14

                                       NY Parole Violator Sentenced to Prison  1.30.14

                                             4 Time Killer Let Out on Day Parole ?     1.30.14

                                State Correction Officer Pleads to Welfare Fraud   1.30.14

                                       Audit : State Division of Parole Fails Test    1.30.14

                            NY State Police Surround NYSDOCS HQ in Albany, NY ??

                   2014 New York Corrections Vendor Contract List is Now Available 

                              RE: Correction Officer Watertown  - Craigslist   1.29.14

                                              The Reality of Prison  1.29.14

                                   State Parole Board Admits it Violated the Law  1.29.14

                          State Justice Department Expands Probe into Prison      1.29.14

                               Parole Violator Caught With Stolen Truck  1.29.14

                                Hundreds of NYS Parole Officers Flood Courthouse   1.29.14

                                         Another NYS Parolee Arrested  hahahahha     1.29.14

                            State Considers Reviving Old Fashioned Executions   1.29.14

                                Inmate Says State Correction Officer Beat Him   1.29.14

                                               28 Arrested in Parole Sweep    1.29.14

                       Police Announces Parole Search Changes After Sgt's Death   1.29.14

                              Parolee Gets 10 Years for Making Meth in Moving Car   1.29.14

                                  Drug Arrest Sends Parolee Back to Prison  1.29.14

                          Former Prison Guard is Eligible for the Death Penalty   1.29.14

                 Lesbian Prison Guard Jailed After Secret Sexual Affair Revealed   1.29.14

                                            Private Prison Boom For Profit    1.29.14

                         Correction Union Alleges Violation of State Labor Law    1.29.14

       Mother and Grandmother of Demaryious Thomas Will Watch Superbowl From Prison     1.29.14

                    Convicted Rapist Out on Parole - Charged With Kidnapping Woman  1.29.14

                                          Prison Death Spurs Police Investigation   1.29.14

                       Two More New York State Correction Officers Assaulted   1.28.14

                     Amazingly Executed Riot Control Techniques - Watch Video

                                   Inmate Found Dead from Apparent Suicide   1.28.14

                              Another NYS Parolee Arrested for Mini-Crime Wave   1.28.14

                            Lawmakers Want to Know How inmates are Taking "Selfies"   1.28.14

                              Parolee Accidentally Shoots Himself and Gets Arrested  1.28.14

                               Governor Cuomo Announces Inmate Pay Program  1.27.14

                             DeBlasio Gets Policing Advice From Ex-Cons in NYC   1.27.14

                                           Prison Gangs - Gotta Pay the Vig   1.27.14

                                 Private Guards Blame Private Prisons  1.27.14

                                State Legislation to Change Good Time Accrual  1.27.14

                               Correction Officer Charged with Smuggling Meth  1.27.14

                                      Three NYS Parole Officers Arrested  1.27.14

                          Obama Going After Young White Men for Prison?   1.27.14

                                                 Prison Director  "No More Prisons"  1.27 14

                                       Car Smashes into State Parole Office   1.27.14

                                                   State Closes Prison   1.27.14

                                               Parolee Arrested on Gun Charge  1.27.14

                              Prison Workers Sue Over Dangerous Conditions  1.26.14

                                       Best Fight Song for a Cell Extraction   1.26.14

                                            Reflection From State Prison   1.26.14

                                  Correction Officer's Earn Their Pensions   1.26.14

                        86% of Crimes are Victimless at the Federal Level  1.26.14

                                          Three Parole Officers Charged   1.26.14

                                   The Difference Between Jail and Prison   1.26.14

                      Correction Officer Union - $7 Million in Campaign Contributions  1.26.14

                               Don't Grant Parole to Cop Killer Herman Bell   1.24.14

                                             Texas Hold em - Part 1   1.24.14

                         New York's Alarming Trend -  Assaults on Staff up 23%      1.24.14

                                   Parolee Leads Police on a chase  1.24.14

                                     Prison Guard Faces Sex Charges    1.24.14

          Rikers Inmates Costing the Bronx Greatly - Inflating Insurance Rates  1.24.14

                      Report - Prison Staff Responsible for 50% of All Sexual Abuse  1.24.14

                                Correction Officer on Trial in Alleged Prison Beating    1.24.14

                              Inmate Takes "Selfie" While Private Guard Sleeps  1.24.14

                                       12 Parolees Arrested on New Charges  1.24.14

                                           Parolee Charged With Kidnapping   1.24.14

                                  Parolee in Standoff With Police Arrested   1.24.14

                             On Parole for Assaulting Police - Arrested Again   1.24.14

                     Long Island Bank Robber Arrested - Guess What? He Was a Parolee  1.24.14

                            Prison Charged With Sexual Exploitation of Inmates    1.24.14

                                    Steal a Lamborghini - Go To Prison For Life !      1.24.14

                                          Parolee Charged with Sexual Assault   1.24.14

                                         Escaped Fugitive Dies a Free Man  1.24.14

                        Prison Overcrowding - Governor Asks for More Time  1.24.14

                                  Holder Urges Congress to Ease Prison Terms  1.24.14

                  NYS Correction Officer Taken to Hospital After Being Stabbed by Inmate  1.23.14

                 Parole Officer Finds Heroin & .357 Revolver During Surprise Visit  1.23.14

               Cop Gets 30 Months in Prison for Violating Freedom of Speech   1.23.14

                                         Prison Worker Admits to Sex with Inmate  1.23.14

                      Psyche!  Parole Board Reverses Release Decision for Killer  1.23.14

                                       Women Entering Prison at Higher Rate   1.23.14

                                         Sate Prisoner Dies After Plunge From Tier  1.23.14

           Buffalo,  NY Gang Leader, with Lengthy Arrest Record, Going to Prison   1.23.14

                                         Another Cop Killer Up for Parole  1.23.14

                               Inmates at Women's Prison Face Sexual Abuse  1.23.14

                      Watchdogs in Canada Condemn the Practice of Double-Bunking   1.23.14

                                 Lawmakers to Audit Prison Treatment Programs  1.23.14

                       NYS Senator Proposes NO PAROLE for Law Enforcement Killers  1.23.14

                              Parolee Steals $300,000 Cash- Uses $170k on Heroin   1.23.14

                                 Inmate Places NYS Correction Officer in Headlock   1.23.14

                          Former Detroit Mayor Transferred to Another Prison   1.23.14

                          Parole Officer is Sentenced to 18 Months for Bribery    1.23.14

                        Lewd Contact with a Minor Inmate Denied Parole  1.22.14

              In Spite of Violence, Governor Cuomo Still Closing four Prisons   1.22.14

        Kentucky Prison with Vermont Inmates Locked Down After Violent Attacks  1.22.14

                                Get a Load of these Goofballs !   1.22.14

                   $1.9 Million Approved to Hire More Correction Officers 1.22.14

                        New York State Correction Officer Injured in Attack  1.22.14

                        Inmate Makes Suggestions on Improving Prison System   1.22.14

                                            Prisons Appeal Inmate Ruling  1.22.14

                       Inmate on Parole Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Woman   1.22.14

                      Buffalo , NY Jury Convicts Parolee of Assaulting Police Officer   1.22.14

                           On Parole for Shooting Cop - Arrested Again of Course   1.22.14

                           Kosher Prison Meals Getting too Expensive   1.22.14

         Texas Cop Killer to be Executed Today - Obama Administration Trying to Stop it  1.22.14

                             Private Prison Tries to Keep Records "Private"  1.22.14

                          States Prison Chief - We Will run Out of Space for Inmates  1.22.14

                 New York State's Oldest Inmate (Wife Killer) Dies at 94 1.21.14

                Private Prison Operator on Governor's List of Maxed Out Contributor's   1.21.14

                         New York is Now Paying Inmates to stay out of Prison   1.21.14

                              NYS Prisons are Dangerous AND Overcrowded          1.21.14

                        NYS Senator Ball - No Parole for Killers of Law Enforcement 1.21.14

                                Sexual Assault Inmate - Dead in Prison   1.21.14

                                   Prison Employee Charged With ID Thefts  1.21.14

                               Escaped Inmates Captured in Another State   1.21.14

         Former Law Enforcement Officials Control Private Probation Industry  1.21.14

             Exclusive - Prison Corruption Crackdown Could Lead to More Arrests   1.21.14

                              More NYS Parolees Arrested - Watertown, NY     1.21.14

                Another Correction Officer Assaulted in Violent NYS Prisons  1.21.14

                                               Gladiator School - Website   1.21.14

              "  Is Bread and Water Considered Kosher ? Just a Thought "      1.21.14

                      How to Spend $6 Million Dollars - Closed NYS Prison Money   1.21.14

                  Correction Officer Charged with Sex Assaults of Five Inmates   1.21.14

                    Parole Officer Accused of Stealing Money from Parolees   1.21.14

                                     Volunteer Teachers Inside Prisons  1.21.14

                              Governor Lauds Hiring of New Prison Commissioner   1.21.14

                                               NYS Killer Up for Parole    1.21.14

                                   Donated Suits for Ex-Cons - Not-for-Profit     1.21.14

                     State Bureaucrats Approve Hiring of More Correction Officers  1.21.14

                                              Two (2) Prison Escapees Caught   1.21.14

                                 Parolee Arrested After 89 Year Old Man is Killed  1.21.14

                                         Parolee Arrested for Attempted Murder   1.21.14

              Three (3) Visitors Arrested at State Prison Over the Weekend  1.21.14

                                      Prison Graduates Receive Diplomas   1.21.14

                   Correction Officer Punches Inmate on Video - He May be in Trouble  1.20.14

                         NYS Parole Officer Charged With Falsifying Records  1.20.14

                                       NYS Prison Closing Offers Opportunity  1.20.14

                  Private Prison Guards Organized Inmate Fights - Watch Video  1.19.14

                           New Approach - Call Inmates by their First Names ????   1.20.14

                          Prison Security Weakened by Private Food Vendors   1.19.14

                            Correction Officer Sticks to Story - Watch Video    1.19.14

                                                 Prison Outreach Meeting   1.19.14

                                    Parolee Arrested for Attempted Murder   1.19.14

                                          The Familiar Dilemma  - Prison   1.19.14

                                  Syracuse Cop-Killer Seeks Parole  1.19.14

                                        Two Inmates Escape From Prison   1.19.14

                                    Independent Movie Uncovers Prison Life   1.19.14

                              Private Prison Operator Offers Deal To Stay Open 1.19.14

                                 Former NYS Prison is worth Millions of Dollars   1.19.14

                     Governor Calls on New Commissioner to Overhaul Prison System  1.19.14

                                               Prison - The Benefits Are Great!   1.19.14

                          Court Affirms Murderer's Right to Sex Change Operation  1.19.14

                             New York State Prisons Continue Violent Ways  1.18.14

                                      NYS Overcrowded Prisons Lead to Violence  1.18.14

           NYS Correction Officers Under Attack  - Prisons Overcrowded  1.18.14

                      Letter To Editor -  NYS Prison System Didn't Need to be Fixed    1.20.14

                   Eight NYS Correction Officers Injured - NYS Prison Violence 1.18.14

                    New Prison Administration Trick - Enroll Inmates in Medicaid  1.17.14

                 Shifting More of the Cost of Prison Health Care onto the Taxpayer  1.17.14

                               NYS Parolee Suspected in Double-Murder  1.17.14

                            C.O.Charged With Sexually Assaulting Prisoners   1.17.14

                                Parole Violators Picked up in Gang Sweep  1.17.14

                              NYS Parole Officer Suspended and Charged   1.17.14

              Keep This Cop Killer in NYS Prison - Murdered NYS Trooper VanHall   1.16.14

                       Sketch Released of Man that Stabbed Correction Officer   1.16.14

                                Fugitive of the Week  - Do you Recognize Him ?    1.16.14

                               Prison Officials Won't Turn off Cell Lights   1.16.14

                                Shank Wielding Inmate -  Conviction Upheld  1.16.14

                                   Prison Romance Leads to Honeymoon   1.16.14

                                   NYS Parolee Caught with Weapon in Hand   1.16.14

                      State Senate Approves Creation of Overcrowding Task Force  1.16.14

                        Former Inmate Suing for Beating  in Erie County Prison 1.16.14

                             Mistakenly Released inmate Back in Prison  1.16.14

                                             Cop Killer Denied Clemency 1.16.14

                           Inmate Charged in Deadly Prison Riot Wants to Change Plea  1.16.14

                                      Head Start Molester Denied Parole  1.16.14

                  Girl Raped by Teacher Will Face Parole Board to Keep Him In Prison  1.16.14

                 Prison Superintendent Demoted and Transferred After Internal Review  1.16.14

                           Parolee Charged With Murder of 84 Year Old Woman   1.16.14

                                               Day Parole For Killer ?  1.16.14

                                         Uh oh, This Parolee  is in Trouble  1.16.14

                         Correction Officer Stabbed in Neck - Sketch Released 1.16.14

                       Jury : C.O. Fired Gun in Self-defense during Street Brawl  1.16.14

                                  Paroled Killer Gets 100 Years For Shooting   1.16.14

                                       Parolee Shot During Home Invasion LOL      1.16.14

                      New Arrest May Violate Probation in 2011 Manslaughter  1.16.14

                                        Parolee Charged With Fatal Stabbing  1.16.14

                                      Report - Prison Rape Runs Rampant  1.15.14

                          No Parole for Cop Killer Herman Bell in New York State    1.15.14

                                                 Our Inner Prison Guard  1.15.14

                            Parole Officer Accused of Relationship with Fugitive  1.15.14

                            State Senate Taking up Tougher Crime Measures  1.15.14

            Swelling Inmate Population Creating Public Security Concerns  1.15.14

   Wanted NYS Parolee Arrested After Burglary Manhunt in Upstate N.Y.  1.15.14

                Prisons Were Designed to Hold Half of Current Inmate Population  1.15.14

                             Prison Inmates Posting "Selfies" on Social Websites   1.15.14

                                               Escaped State Prisoner - Recaptured    1.15.14

                                            Man Charged in Prison Assault  1.15.14

                            Son Seeks To Keep Mothers Killer Behind Bars  1.15.14

                           C.O. Going to Prison for 18 Months for Attacking Inmate   1.15.14

                                       Former Basketball Star Going to Prison  1.15.14

                           Child Molester Wants to be Released During Appeal  1.15.14

                                  Congressman Seeks Delay in Prison Sentence  1.15.14

                             Signatures Sought to Keep Cop Killer in Prison  1.15.14

                           One Day as a Correction Officer - Walk in My Shoes

                 NYS Inmate Bites Officer, Breaks Arm in Elmira Visit Room Scuffle 1.14.14

                               C.O. Gave inmates Key Impressions 1.14.14

                                               Prison Break Race 1.14.14

              NYS Parolee Accused of Murdering Newlywed Wife in Albany    1.14.14

                        Double-Cop Killer in New York Seeks Parole       STOP HIM !!!!!!!

                         State Inmate Gets out of Prison , Back in Jail 1.14.14

                              C.O. Accused of Smuggling Drugs Into Prison 1.14.14

    Governor, "Its time to eliminate good time credit for most violent inmates"  1.14.14

                    Parole Violator Suspect in Sexual Assault of Woman 1.14.14

               Serial Rapist and Killer Worried He May be Allergic to Execution Drug  1.14.14

                                               Another NYS Parolee Arrested  1.14.14

                                  Federal Judges - Prison Talks Failed 1.14.14

                 ACLU Warns Correction Dept. About Religious Freedoms 1.14.14

                    2nd NY Felony Offender Hits Man in Head With Crowbar  1.14.14

                                  Authorities Search for Escaped State Inmate   1.14.14

                                          C.O. Charged With Raping Inmate 1.14.14

                       Another NYS Parolee Arrested 1.13.14

                                  Prison Inmates Sickened by Tainted Tyson Chicken

                                    Prison on LOCKDOWN - Flu Outbreak  1.13.14

         New York Correction Officer Impregnated by Cop Killer Faces Sentencing 1.13.14

                 New York DOCS Must Improve its Communication to Public 1.13.14

                         New York Correction Officer Killed - No Charges at this Time  1.12.14

                States Prison Population Expected to Grow by 10,000 inmates 1.12.14

                       What is  NYS Dept. Of Corrections Hiding  ??????  1.12.14

                             Obama Parole Board Frees Terrorist from Prison 1.12.14

                                    Crowded Prisons Could Become Violent  1.12.14

                           More Guards To Plead Guilty to Inmate Assault  1.12.14

                              More Legislators Pushing to Find Inmates Jobs  1.12.14

                             Former Congressman Wants to Change Prisons 1.12.14

                               Prison Has Highest Rape Rate in United States 1.12.14

                                Republican Senator Seeking Prison Reform  1.12.14

                                        State Prisons Are Packed Like Sardines  1.12.14

                                          Homemade Prison Weapons  1.12.14

                      Two NY Correction Officer's in Custody After Shooting 1.12.14

                                Parolee Re -Arrest Rate NOT improving  1.12.14

                Longest Serving Inmate Denied Parole for Part in Deadly Riot  1.12.14

                        Inmate Stabbed by Another Inmate in Prison - Shocker! 1.12.14

                    NYS Prison Superintendent Sued for Sexual Harassment  1.12.14

                          Correction Officer Arrested For Smuggling Cell Phones 1.12.14

              New York Correction Officer Shoots Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend  1.12.14

                          Pressure Mounts for Psychiatric Prison Changes  1.12.14

                  Lawmakers Want to Ban Gang Members from Prison Jobs  DUH! 1.12.14

                     1858  Auburn Manuscript Believed to be First of  a Kind  1.12.14

                       NY Prison Violence Locks Down Prison for a Week 1.11.14

        Looking for a Job ? New York Prison College Education Program (Auburn & Cayuga) 1.11.14

   Found Unfit to work TWICE - Former Gang Member Gets six-Figure Prison Job 1.11.14

                                State's Prison Population Nears Record High  1.11.14

                          Winner of Crime Novel  Prize Turns Out To BE KILLER  1.1.14

                                                           Prison Museum  1.11.14

                             Prison Phone Call Keeps Inmate Behind Bars  1.11.14

                              Serial Child Molester Gets 300 Years in Prison  1.10.14

                          Retired NY Correction Officer Shot and Killed in Queens  1.10.14

                                   Private Prison Lullaby - Watch  Music Video 1.10.14

                    NYS Parolee Accused in 2 Utica Robberies and Cutting Mans Throat 1.10.14

                                 State Contemplating Buying a Private Prison  1.10.14

                Ex-Con with Long Rap Sheet Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison  1.10.14

                   Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Prison Food 

                 Auburn NY Prisoner Found With Two Homemade Weapons  1.10.14

                      Wanted NYS Parolee Captured at Buffalo Bus Station  1.10.14

                   Prison Inmate Wants San Diego Charges Booted from Playoffs  1.10.14

                 New Study Links Taking LSD & Psychedelics Reduces Recidivism 1.10.14

                     New Parole Office to Open Next Door to Pre-School 1.10.14

               State Prison Visitors Now Required to Pay a Fee - Its About Time   1.10.14

                         Man Killed Thunder Hawk - Gets 25 Years in prison  1.10.14

       Rearrest Rates Unchanged Under States "Realignment" Experiment  1.10.14

                  Inmate Expected to Plead to Lesser Charge in Killing Fellow Inmate 1.10.14

                   Every time This NYS Inmate Gets Out - He Violates Parole 1.10.14

                       NYS Inmate Had Two Weapons - Not Going Home Now  1.10.14

                        Rapist Escapes From Private Prison Van During Transfer  1.10.14

                       High Rate of Sexual Assaults Reported 1.10.14

              Inmate on Parole for Manslaughter - Guess What he Did This Time ?  1.10.14

                      Republican Senators Vow to Block Parole Appointment  1.10.14

                             Sex Offender Parole Absconder Notification 1.10.14

               Coded Prison Phone Call Leads to Drug Smuggling Arrest  1.10.14

                                      Prison Visit "Instagram" Style 1.10.14

                              Prison Slashing = 13 More Months Inside 1.10.14

                      Prison Wives and Girlfriends in the World of "Instagram" 1.10.14

                           How Will Private Prison Stocks Do in 2014 ?  1.10.14

            Western NY Deputy Recovering After Dangerous Incident with Parolee    1.9.14

                    Prison Officials Question Survey Results  1.9.14

                    Prison's Mental Health Program Deemed "Flawed" by Judge 1.9.14

                                   Prisoner Suing the NFL Over Playoffs 1.9.14

                              Inmate Pathogens- Prison Exposed to Viruses  1.9.14

                                     Another NYS Parolee Arrested  1.9.14

                         Meet the Man That is Giving His Fortune to Inmates  1.9.14

                                    Senator "Prisons Facing Overcrowding"    1.9.14

                          NYS Parolee Drags Deputy Sheriff 100 Feet With Car  1.9.14

                  Inmate Deemed Too Dangerous to Mix with Other Inmates  1.9.14

                Overcrowding Continues Despite Decline of Prison Populations 1.9.14

                                                Prison Inmates on Strike  !!!!   1.9.14

              Obama Offers Guidelines to end School-to-Prison Pipeline 1.9.14

                            Former C.O. Sentenced to Prison for Posing as Cop for Sex 1.9.14

                                  Prison Escapees Face Additional Charges  1.9.14

                                           Prison Inmate Dies in Hospital  1.9.14

                       Convicted Killer on Trial for Shooting Man While on Parole  1.9.14  

                 Is this Homicide Suspect a Parolee from the Early Release Initiative ? 1.9.14

                Correction Officer Who Tasered Nurse Drops Attempts for Rehire 1.9.14

                                     Inmate Dies after Prison Stabbing  1.9.14

                          Inmates Release Could be Cause of Fireworks Blast in the Bronx   1.9.14

                           Dept. of Corrections Pushing to Hire More Officer's  1.9.14

                             Senator Voted the Wrong Way - Now Faces Blocked Appointment  1.9.14

                              Prison Supervisor Charged in Meth Ring Trafficking 1.9.14

                         New York Parole Fugitive Missing Since 2008 - CAPTURED 1.8.14

                            Prison Store made $8Million Selling Inmate Prison Made Products  1.8.14

                                        Second Inmate Death in a Week 1.8.14

                Supreme Court Denies Stay of Execution for Inmate Killer of Officer  1.8.14

                          Florida Executes Inmate That Killed Correction Officer  1.8.14

              Beat, Raped and Killed Woman in 1977 -NYS Inmate  Now Wants Parole?  1.8.14

                      Arrested 16 Times in 3 Years - Going Back to Prison  1.8.14

                                     7 Time Escapee Back in Inescapable Prison 1.8.14

                                                  Hells Angels on the Lam  1.8.14

                                                 Parolee Barricades Home 1.8.14

                     Escaped Inmate Gives Up - Extreme Cold and Frostbitten  1.8.14

                       5 New York Correction Officer's Caught in 9/11 Disability Scam  1.8.14

                                         Beanie Baby May Be Going to Prison  1.8.14

                                          Pistol Packing Pimp on Parole Arrested  1.8.14

                                18 Year Old Killed by 8 time Parole Absconder  1.8.14

                      NYS Dumping Parolees in Sullivan County - Unfunded Mandate 1.8.14

                       Furnaces Can't Keep Up With Cold - No Heat for Inmates 1.8.14

                                        Governor Backs Off Parole Plan  1.8.14

                             Should We Let Inmates Upgrade their Prison Cells ?   1.8.14

                                    OJ Simpson Tested for  Brain Cancer    1.8.14

                    Inmate Assaulted Sgt. - Gets 25 more years in Prison  1.8.14

           Inmate That Killed Correction Officer to be EXECUTED Tonight @ 6pm1.7.14

                    Remember Correction Officer Richard  Burke Killed 10/12/1980

                                      N.Y. Re-Inventing College for Inmates   1.7.14

              Inmate Performed Sex Act in front of Female C.O. Placed on Sex Registry 1.7.14

                                          Prison Disturbance was Near Riot  1.7.14

                                                      More Prison Closings 1.7.14

                                       Inmate Teaches U.S. Senator How to Drive  1.7.14

                                        Prison Escapee Caught in Motel  1.7.14

                             Want to Weigh In on a Possible Prison Move ?  1.7.14 

                        Correction Department Wants $20 Million for Computer Tracking 1.7.14

                                   NYC Correction Commissioner Leaving the State  1.7.14

                                 Governor's Prison Policy Attacked by Challenger  1.7.14

                             State Correction Officer Killed in Car Accident- Icy Roads 1.7.14

                                NYS Parolee Arrested - Search Uncovers Drugs 1.6.14

                                  Police Searching for Escaped Prison Inmate 1.6.14

                            Florida Inmate that Killed C.O. Scheduled for Execution  1.6.14

                                      Thanks and remembrance for Prison Staff 1.6.14

                                   Netflix Prison Series is Located by Utica, NY   1.6.14

                                     Louisiana Leads Nation in Incarceration  1.6.14

                                             Prison Talk Website 1.6.14

                                    Staff Assaults Reach High in Ohio Prison 1.6.14

                                                 West Virginia Caving In  1.6.14

                    Department of Corrections Wants $8 Million for Parole Overhaul  1.6.14

                                      Letter to Editor - Prison Knowledge 1.6.14

                                    The "Geniuses" are Thinking - Watch Out! 1.6.14

                                           Building Bridges in New York ? LOL  1.6.14

                             Arrowhead Collectors Face Decades in Prison?  Florida 1.6.14


                  ALERT  Cop Killer Seeks Parole in New York  ALERT

           Cop Killing "revolutionary" Seeks February 2014 Parole in New York  1.5.14

           Cop Killer  Herman Bell 79C0262 Seeks Parole Next Month- You Can Stop Him !

                Inform NYSDOCS About  Your Opposition to Releasing Double Cop Killer

               !!!!! Click Here to Stop Herman Bell 79C0262 Being Released !!!!!!


                              Gang Dressed as Police Officers , Enter Prison - Kill 9  - Video   1.5.14

                               Seneca Falls Man Arrested on Parole Violation 1.5.14

                            NYS Convicted Felon Heading Back to Prison     1.5.14         

                       Appellate Judge Admonished For Letter to NYS Parole Board

Parolee Charged With Robbing Bank

                                 Lady Luck for New York State Prison ?????   1.5.14

                     Ex-Inmate Sues for Sexual Assault by Correction Officer  1.5.14

                    Congress Looking To Overhaul Sentencing Laws 1.4.14

                                        Actors You Never Knew Went to Prison 1.4.14

                                              No Parole, No Matter the Age !!!     1.4.14

                                 Colorado Prison Overtime Explodes by $9Million Dollars 1.4.14

                              1980 Rampage Murderer Denied Parole 5th Time 1.3.14

                                                Congressman Going to Prison  1.3.14

                                             Parolee Arrested for Robbery  1.3.14

                                         9 Dead After Gunmen Storm Prison  1.3.14   

              Below                  Funniest $#%@ You Will Ever Read                Below

    New York State Paying Inmates to Stay Out of Prison  1.3.14

              1.Using a $12 Million Dollar Federal Grant

              2.$1.3 Million Contribution From the  Rockefeller Foundation

              3.Center for Employment Opportunities will Oversee Project

              4.$300,000 from Robin Hood Foundation    

                     Man "Allegedly" Behind The Silk Road is Teaching Yoga in Prison 1.3.14

                          Idaho to Take Back Private Prison After Mismanagement  1.3.14

                         At Least 8 Inmates, 1 Officer Injured in Prison Uprising  1.2.14

                              Attempted New York Jailbreak Thwarted  1.1.14

                         Ex "Bronx Tale" Star Released From NYS Prison  1.1.14  

                               HELP FREE HERO Lt. CLINT LORANCE - Petition   1.1.14                

                    Prison Superintendent Arrested with Attempted Murder  1.1.14

                                        "Little Houdini"  is Captured Again  1.1.14

                                         Another NYS Parolee Arrested  1.1.14

                Ex-Correction Officer Sentenced to Prison for Smuggling  1.1.14

                             Another  NYS PArolee Arrested

               NYS inmate Charged with Throwing Human Waste on Correction Officer 1.1.14

                                      Help FREE Lt. Clint Lorance from Prison   12.30.13

                        2 Correction Officer's & 11 Inmates Arrested for Bribery/ Contraband 12.30.13

                                    Couple Arrested  at Parole Office   12.29.13           

     Correction Officer Brawls Over Who Has Bigger Biceps  12.29.13

                        Cops Shoot and Kill NYS Ex-Con with Lengthy Rap Sheet  12.28.13

                             Inmates Sue Beer and Wine Companies for $1Billion Dollars 

                              Stupid Criminal Picks Wrong C.O. to Rob - Gets Shot 12.28.13     

                     Inmate Felt Disrespected - Assaults Correction Officer   12.28.13

                      Correction Officer Found Dead Inside Prison Tower  12.28.13

                                    Correction Officer Nabs Fleeing Suspect  12.28.13

                                 NYS Parolee Jumps From Moving Car - Police   12.27.13

                1983 Supreme Court Ruling Banned Debtors Prison in USA - Did it Really?  12.27.13

                                Christmas Morning Attack on Correction Officer 12.27.13

                                             Inmates Death Still a Mystery  12.27.13

                                 Low Prison Staffing not a Safety Concern : Says

                         Governor's Aide Who never Worked in a Prison    12.27.13

                          New Mayor Gets Policing Advice from Ex-Cons in NYC  12.26.13

                           NYS Paroles Inmate who has been Arrested 29 times  12.26.13

                                                       Another Prison Death  12.26.13       

                         Correction Officer Accused of Smuggling Drugs in Her Bra 12.26.13

                         NYS Fugitive Bank Robber Caught - He Was on Parole 12.26.13

                          Notorious NYS Parolee Could Face Life in Prison  12.26.13

                                        31 Arrested in  Parole Sweep   12.24.13


                        Prison System Donates 1,000 Cell Phones to Charity 12.24.13

                    Correction Officer Slapped Wife, Drove Drunk - Cops Say 12.14.13

                Transgender Inmate Claims he was Raped by Correction officer12.14. 13

                           NYC Correction Officer Stopped and Frisked  12.24.13

                         Parolee Gets 25 Years for Gas Station Armed Robbery  12.24.13

         Sheriff Officer Dies Protecting Daughter in Gun Controlled Chicago 12.23.13

                New York State Parolee Given 8 Years for Additional Crimes  12.23.13

       Man Gets Life in Prison for Skinning, filleting, Dismembering Mother  12.23.13

                      Family Claims Untreated Tooth Led to Inmate Son's Death  12.23.13

                                  Parolee Arrested After Police Pursuit, Crash  12.23.13

                                  Prison Guard Who Won X-Factor- Debuts at #1  12.23.13

                    Female Correction Officer Charged with Raping Inmate  12.21.13

      Car Jackers Had Extensive Criminal Histories - One Released Only 4 Days Before 12.21.13

                  In Response to Increased Inmate Assaults - Pepper Spray & Tasers Issued 12.21.13

                         Correction Officer Punched Inmate Gets Five Years Probation 12.21.13

                  NYS Inmate Paroled in October - Arrested for Armed Bank Robbery 12.20.13

                   Former Elmira C.O. Gets 4 Years for Workers Comp. Fraud  12.20.13

                Former NYS Correction Officer Sentenced to Prison 12.20.13

                     Psychologist attacked while escorting inmate 12.20.13

             New York State Prison Violence - 2 Prisons - 2 Assaults on Staff    12.19.13

                                        Yet Another NYS Parolee Arrested  12.19.13

                    35 Home Made Weapons Found at NYS Prison During Search 12.19.13

                                     New York Prison Attacks Continue 12.18.13

                       NYS Parolee, With Long Criminal History, Indicted for Rape 12.19.13

                             NYS Parolee Arrested - Drug Stash - 30G Cash  12.18.13

                              Operation "Mistletoe" Targeted Parolee's  12.18.13     

                     Parole Law Changed Because of Parolee Killing Spree 12.18.13

                Retired NY C.O. Brought Back From Florida- Arrested for Perjury 12.17.13

          $$$$$$$ Highest Paid New York State Correction Staff  $$$$$$$$$

                                    Correction Officer's Vote to Unionize 12.17.13

                        Correction Officer Sentenced - Attempted Smuggling of Drugs12.17.13

        NYC Correction Officer Allowed Gang Attack - Inmate Lawsuit Charges 12.17.13

                                 Correction Officer Wins X-Factor  12.16.13

                Private Contracted Prison Bus Crashes, Inmates & C.O.'s Injured  12.16.13

               NYS Closed Minimum Prisons to Save Money - Inmate Found Dead  12.16.13                        Inmate Found Dead at NYS Maximum Security Prison  12.16.13

          Why was Inmate sentenced to 1-3 yrs in a Max Prison & Found Dead?  12.15.13

                      NYS Prison's Getting Worse - Inmate Homicide Investigation  12.15.13

                            NYS Parolee Arrested - Forced Teens into Prostitution 12.14.13

             Correction Officer Going to Prison for Self-Defense ? Watch Video   12.14.13 

                       Federal Prison's Overcrowded - Crises is Critical  12.14.13

                       Another NYS Parolee Arrested on New Burglary Charge  12.14.13

       Rapper Stabbed in Prison Yard Attack - Caught on Prison Camera's

                                                Watch Video Below !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Prison Director Looks to Community Alternatives 12.13.13

                       New York Female Officers Targeted for KNOCKOUT-GAME!   12.13.13

                         KNOCKOUT GAME at Rikers Island - Female C.O. Knocked out 12.12.13

                      Retired NYS Parole Officer Arrested - Falsifying Time Sheet  12.13.13

                          Another NYS Parolee Arrested -  for Burglary   12.13.13

                              Inmate Laughs Describing Killing Correction Sgt.  12.13.13

                               Home Invader Cut in Half by Train Fleeing stabbing 12/12/13

                                       25 Celebrities Who Have Spent Time in Prison

                                              Prison Workers Threaten to Strike  12/12/13

                                            Update: Prison Worker Strike Averted 12/12/13

                                        Another NYS Parolee Charged in Fatal Shooting   12/12/13

                                               Knockout Game at Rikers Island  12/12/13

                  Parole Officer Charged with Stealing Money form his Union  12/12/13

                                     Correction Officer  to Pole Dance on X-Factor   12/12/13

                                 Disneyland Pimp Parolee Going Back to Prison  12/12/13

                             Witness Describes the Stabbing of Murdered C.O.   12/12/13

                                U.S. Marshals Seek Dangerous New York Parolee  12/11/13

                                     State Prison Chief Leaving   12/11/13

                      Eric Holder Praises Policy That Led to Public Danger  -Arkansas.

                            Three Charged in "Alleged" Prison Drug Smuggling  12/11/13

                      Inmate Given 20 Years for Stabbing Correction Officer  12/11/13

                       Hero Correction Officer retires After Sexual Harassment Flap  12/11/13

                           NYS Inmate Released Only Weeks Ago- Arrested in Albion Drug Bust   12/10/13

                                    California Prison Reform or Same Old Thing?   12/10/13

                            U.S. Prison Population Jumps Nearly 30% in a Decade  12/10/13

                       Prison Administrator Fired for Lewd and Sexual E-mails 12/10/13

                        Parolee Drenches Himself in Attempt to Beat Drug Test  12/10/13

NYS Inmate Awarded $1,200.00 for Time in Special Housing Unit

              New Report - New York State Has lost Track of 500 Sex Offenders  12/9/13

                Parolee Amongst 2 killed and 12 Wounded in Weekend Shootings  12/9/13

                               NYS Parolee Runs Over Crowd with Car - Watch Video 12/8/13

                             What You Didn't Know About NYPD's Stop and Frisk 

         NYS Prison Remains on LOCKDOWN as NY Prison Violence Escalates 12/8/13

               Correction Officer Fired For Being Attacked by Violent Inmate  12/8/13

                  Attempted Murder NYS Parolee Arrested for Armed Bank Robbery 12/8/13

                                   Correction Officer's Must Repay Overtime 12/8/13

                            Assault on Staff - Green Haven Prison Locked Down 12/7/13

                          NYS Parolee Shoots at Police Officer's - Arrested Again 12/7/13

                                    Two Inmates Die at Attica Prison  12/7/13

                        " MacGyver" of Prison Hostage Taking Gets 10 More Years  12/7/13

                                         Has America's Prison System Failed ?  Video  12/7/13

                  Mistrial Declared in Case of Inmate Punching Correction Officer  12/7/13

                                  Federal Judge Dismisses Suit over Prison Guard Overtime 12/7/13

                                  Parole Officer Charged with Raping Parolee  12/7/13

                                      NYS Parolee Removes Tracking Device  12/7/13

                                  NYS Parolee Charged with $6,000 Jewelery Heist 12/7/13

                                              Judge Rips NY Prison Work Stoppage  12/6/13

                             Dumping Ground for NYS Parolee's  - Sullivan County 12/6/13

                              California Cuts Deal With Private Correction Officer's 12/6/13

                             "Cushy and Luxurious" Prison Touts Low Re-Offender Rate 12/6/13

                                  25 Years in Prison for a Crime He did Not Commit   12/6/13

             Only Days out of NYS Prison - Charged with Burglarizing Keri Russell Home 12/6/13

                             Violent NYS Parolee Sentenced to 18 yrs. for Violence 12/5/13

                          Prison Group Releases Findings of New York Inmate Healthcare 12/5/13

                                              C.O. Stabbed by inmate 12/5/13

                           Correction Officer Attacked by Inmate with Homemade Weapon 12/5/13

                            Texas Executes Inmate that Killed Correction Officer 12/4/13

                                     NYS Parolee Found w/ 67 Packets of Heroin  12/4/13

                                        Parole Sweep Leads to 7 Arrests 12/4/13

                                          Private C.O. Used Badge to Coerce Sex  12/4/13   

                                      Correction Officer Assaulted - Struck in Face12/2/13

                                        Parolee Faces 15 Years for Car Chase  12/2/13

                                      NY Parolee Arrested During Traffic Stop 12/2/13

                                        Prison Locked Down Over Parole Anger 12/2/13

                                        New York  Riker's Island - Bloody Riot 12/1/13

                             New York Gangster Slashes Prison Wardens' Neck 12/1/13

                                    NY Prison Administration in Trouble Again  12/1/13

                                New Paltz , NY Diamond Thief Captured - Parolee 12/1/13

                            Parolee Shot - Home Invasion of 98 Yr. Old 12/1/13

              Man Escapes from Prison to go to Dentist and then Returns 12/1/13

                              West Virginia Looking to Private Prisons 12/1/13

                                        Iowa Prison System Projected to Expand 12/1/13

                                 Further Investigation Urged in NYS Correctional System 12/1/13

                                  Two-Week LOCKDOWN for Violent Attack on CO's 11/28/13

                                  New Way to SMUGGLE Contraband Into Prisons 11/28/13

                                 New York IG Faults Prison Guard Non-Profit  11/28/13

                          Correction Officer Disciplined for Missing Rounds and False Logs 11/28/13

                              Correction Officer's Non-Profit had 348K in Improper Expenses 11/28/13

                            NYSCOPBA's old "Cops Care" in the News - Read  IG Report 11/27/13

                                   Career Correction Officer Becomes Correction Commissioner 11/26/13

                                    NYS Prison Violence on the Rise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Prison Supervisor Fired After Inmate Escape  11/26/13

                                   Inmates have Flat Screen TV's and NFL Package 11/26/13

                               Canada's Prison Population at an ALL Time High 11/26/13

                                        NYS Parolee Charged With Burglary - Again  11/26/13

                                            Correction Officer Taken Hostage 11/26/13

                        Inmate Beats 54 yr. old C.O. - Breaks Bones in His Face  11/26/13

                      Female C.O. Recovering from Inmate Attack - Double Bunking 11/26/13

                                               Parolee Shot and Killed by Police 11/24/13

                         Oklahoma Governor Reducing C.O. Retirements for Bond Rating 11/13

                                   Female C.O. Attacked by an Inmate  11/23/13

                                  Prison Official Shot Dead Leaving Gym 11/23/13

                             Parolee Arrested on Firearm and Drug  Charges 11/23/13

                     NYC Mayor Elect Holds Summit With Ex-Cons On Policing11/22/13

                            14 More Correction Officer's Charged Involving Jail Gang 11/22/13

                              Inmate Charged for Stabbing New York State C.O. 11/22/13

                                  Correction Officer Union Fails Certification Effort 11/22/13

                                  Parolee Charged in Two Rapes and Kidnapping 11/13

                           NY Parolee Faces Attempted Murder Charges 11/22/13

   New York State Corrections Changed

Their Overtime Policy11/20/13

   Highest Paid New York State Correction Employee's

                       Bronx, NY Parolee Indicted For Kidnapping & Robbing Cabbie 11/20/13

                           Community OK's Deal To Tax Prison Workers???????  11/18/13

                              Correction Officer Slashed on Head and Neck 11/18/13

              NYC Corrections System Grinds to a Halt - Work Stoppage? 11/18/13

                                       One Day as a Correction Officer - Leos Blog 11/13

              Prison Administrator Having Affair with Clerk Outed on Facebook 11/13

                             Inmate Knocks Out NYS Correction Officer's Tooth in Fight 11/13

                            Highest Paid New York State Correction Employees

                                         NY Parolee Indicted for Kidnapping & Robbery  11/13

Off Duty Shooting with Correction Officer leaves 3 Behind Bars

                      Correction Officer's That Created Inmate Fight Club on Trial 11/13

                                        Officer Gets Foot massage from Inmate - Video11/13

                            NY Parolee Held in Shooting Near Albany Middle School  11/13

                                Five (5) New York  Parolees Arrested in Kingston Drug Sweep 11/15/13

       New York parolee opens Heroin PKG in front of Parole Officer 11/15/13

     New York State  Inmate had 18 Previous Assaults Prior to Attacking Nurse           

                       Inmate Attacks New York State Correction Officer at Albany Hospital11/13

                 New York State Correction Staffing/ Closed Posts/ Inmate Grievances Chart

                                              Parolee Shoots at Police in Standoff 11/13

                                      Pepper Spray for All Prison Employees?11/13                 

                             Inmates Awarded $146,000 for "Aggressive" Pat Frisks 11/13

                                     Parolee Arrested in Bank Robbery 11/13

                                      Parolee Arrested for 21st Time  11/13

                              NY Parolee and Blood Gang Member Charged 11/13

         Fired NYC Correction Officer Blames Supervisor for Inmates Death 11/13

                                     Prison Escapee Arrested 30 Years Later 11/13

                                   Rare Look Inside Maine's Supermax Prison 11/13

                     Highest Paid New York Prison Staff  $$$$$$

                           Private Prison Company Made $1.7 BILLION Dollars Last Year

                                        New York Prison Violence on the Rise 11/13       

                          Prison X-Ray Machine Finds Inmate Swallowed Handcuff Keys 11/13

                                     3 Officer's Stabbed at Female Prison 11/13

                                 Inmate That Stabbed C.O. gets 18-23 Additional Years 11/13

                                     Brutal  Prison Attack Still Under Investigation 11/13

                                        Man on Parole charged in Double-Murder 11/13

                                      Parolee Arrested in Stolen Cop Car Case  11 /13

                   Ex-Correction Officer Impregnated by Cop Killer - Loses Custody 11/13

                     Correction Officer's Asking for More Pay - 5th lowest paid 11/13  

                     Correction Officer Resigns Following Inmate Suicide 11/13   

New York State Correction Officer (Sing Sing) Pulls Gun at Bar Demands Beer11/13

            Prison Healthcare Costs Skyrocketing - See New York Chart   11/1/13

                  NYS Correction Trainee Psychological Exam Results - Chart 11/13

                     Former NY Commissioner "Prison System is broken" 11/1/13

     How to Smuggle a Cell Phone Into Prison

          New Correction Officer Union Sues10/31/13

              EX Correction Officer Now on DEATH ROW 10/3

  Officer Dies at Home after Struggle With Inmate 10/30/13

           Highest Paid Correction Staff in New York - Chart

     New York State Prison Violence on the RISE!  See Chart

Inmates Skipping Meals in Protest 10/30/13

        NYS Parolee throws drugs out window 10/28/13

                                Two of Four Escapees Caught - Oklahoma 10/28/13

           Another Violent Weekend in N.Y. Prisons - Gas Dropped at Attica10/27/13

             NYS Prison Violence Continues - 3 More Inmates Injured 10/27/13 

                         Prison Official Reassigned After Officer Stabbing 10/26/13

                           Nurse Attacked by Crazed Inmate  - Watch Video10/13

              ACOIN   - Private Prison Report is now available11/13

 Lawyer Knocked out in court by inmate - Watch VIDEO

                                      Correction Officer Arrested for Dealing Drugs 10/13

                                                   Sheriff Serves - THE LOAF 10/13

                           ****New York DOCS rebuffs union claim**** 10/13

                                              C.O.'s Arrested - Allegedly Beat Inmate 10/13

        Read Sample Responses from NYS Survey 10/24/13

                     New York Correction Officer Arrested 10/13

Another NYS Parolee Arrested in rape of 15 yr. old girl 10/24/13

New York Prison Violence on the RISE - see chart

Correction Officer Stabbed in the neck 10/22/13

 4 Officers Injured - 1 stabbed 10/22/13

NY Jets Fan- had served only 3 years for murder?  10/13

Prison Administrators FAILED to Warn C.O. of "Hit"

Stabbed  only days later    

C.O. Arrested for  Contraband 10/13   

 New York Prison Violence on the RISE - see chart 10/13

Gang Member Assaults Correction Officer - NJ 10/13

             2 California Correction Officers recovering from Assault 10/13

More Violence in New York's Prisons - Six Violent Assaults in 2 days 10/13

Overcrowded + Understaffed = Violent New York Prisons 10/13


Top 25 Salaries

New York State Correction Staff !!!!!!

Florida Murderers Recaptured 10/13

California Corrections have 7,000 openings - Only 500 show up 10/13

Violent Outbreaks Lock Down New York Prison 10/13

NY Cor>Violent Outbreaks Lock Down New York Prison 10/13

NY Correction Arrested for Throwing AX at Wife 10/13

"Rabid Dog" rapes 73 year old woman New York 10/13

Two Murderers Submit Fake Paperwork and FREED from prison by mistake 10/13

NY Parolee Arrested- Attempted Rape- Released from prison 3 months ago 10/13

Surprise Surprise, NY Man with extensive criminal past tells cops

"I want to stab your neck and hear you choke on your blood" 10/13

Ex -Con has 49 Guns10/13

Log Book Disappears - Stifles Investigation NY10/13

No Health Benefits for Probationary C.O.'s 9/13

California CO's Try Again to Break Away from Union 10/13

Florida Executes Inmate Uses New Drug 10/13

New York Correction Officer Charged - Sing Sing 10/13

12 Years of Isolation 10/13

$132 Million High Tech Prison 10/13

Parolee Fatally Shot by Police 10/13

Parolee caught with crack 10/13

Mobster ordered back to Prison 10/13

Man who survived hanging - must hang again10/13

Man with Diaper fetish Violates Parole 10/13

New York State Using Computer Software to Decide Parole 10/13

Prison Employee Sexually Assaulted- No Help for 27 Minutes10/13

Prolific Sex Offender - New York 10/13

Bed Sheets+Dental Floss = 17 Story Escape 10/13

Ex Guard Going to Prison for Accepting Bribes10/13

NYC Officer Tells Mr. Softee to "Blow Me." 10/13

ATTICA Hero C.O. Saves Family From Fire 10/13

Retired Attica Warden Tours Scandinavian Prisons 10/13

Inmates get paid while guards are forced to work for free 10/13

Death row inmate let out to search for victim 10/13

Sex offender parolee arrested for skinning raccoon 10/13

9,140  New York State Parolees Arrested so far!!!

Jury Convicts escaped inmate in Murder 10/1

Remember Officer Brent Miller -Killed by Inmate 4/17/1972

Cocaine + Gun + 21 Priors = No Jail? Only in NY 10/13

NY Jails Overcrowded10/13

Colorado Theater Shooter on Match.com10/13

Attica inmate has Grandma smuggle in drugs 10/13

4 Visitors - Smuggling DRUGS into NY Prison? 10/13







Hawaiin Prison Gang - 18 members Indicted

Inmate Water Overdose10/13

Not In Our Backyard! 10/13

NYPD Throwing More Juveniles in Jail 10/13

 Slain Correction Officers Families Demand Safer Staffing10/13

Parolee Jailed for Attacking NY Woman10/13

Inmate Plotted Murder With Paper Airplane10/13

Inmate  attacks C.O Oregon 10/4/13

C.O. Assaulted Pa. 10/13

Highest PAID New York State Correction Staff 10/13

Private Prison Has Had Enough- Leaving Idaho 10/4/13

Albany County (NY) Help Repair Roof 10/13

Two Officers Assaulted - NY Prisons 10/1/13

Judge sentences man to life in prison  and then marries him 10/13

In NY you can only shoot someone 7 times 10/13

This is Crazy !!!!10/13

No more cops and robbers in Amerika 10/13

Prison on LOCKDOWN- Inmate KILLEDTn. 9/13

16 inmates killed in bloody gang battle9/13











Prison employee arrested for road rage Indiana 9/30/13

Inmate dies after release - Chcago 9/27/13

Correction Officer Commits Suicide 9/25/13












2 CO's , 1 SGT Assaulted NY Prison 9/23/13

2 C.O.'s suspended for suicide -Ohio

Private Prison in contempt for poor staffing 9/17/13

 1 Correction Officer works 1,438 hours O.T. Nevada 9/30/13










Prisons and Prisoners 9/30/13

A Beaver goes to prison- Chicago 9/25/13

Congress looks to relax mandatory sentences 9/17/13

Inmate robs bank while on work release 9/30













Nebraska prison leader steps down 9/30

Escaped inmate found at Popeye's Chicken 9/29/13








Castro used window to hang self 9/13

NY Correction Officer arrested for arson 8/13

Ex-Con Sneaks back into jail - NY 8/13

Ex- Con takes Hostages in New York8/13

Multiple Parolee Arrests in Sweep6/13

Highest Paid

New York State Correction Staff  -

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